A romantic proposal video of 148 times "Will you marry me?"

One man wanted to give his girlfriend a proposal with style, so he decided to propose 148 times — without her knowing.

From July 31 until Christmas Eve of 2015, Ryan Smith, 33, only proposed to Claire Bramley, 28, by taking a photo while strategically hiding a card that read "Will you marry me?" Smith took 148 photos in total, which are now part of a video that's been viewed more than 400,000 times.

After 147 proposals, Smith realized he had to do it the old-fashioned way: Face-to-face.

"It was all a bit chaotic on Christmas Day morning, so I took her away and set it all up on the laptop," he said. "I got down on one knee and gave her a bit of spiel, and then popped the question."

And he got the answer he hoped for!

Congratulations to the adorable soon-to-be-Mr. and Mrs.!

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