How to start planning your wedding!

Getting started...

"How do I start?" This is a very common question couples ask after the proposal. It is either very easy to solve or very complicated to solve, all depends on... who will be the decision maker.

What does that mean?

You two have to decide who will make most of the decisions for your wedding, you or your parents. Of course, it is advised to consider the parents' preferences and try your best to balance out what is best for all, which means both families. On the other hand, if your parents tell you that they are going to be hands off, then it would be simple.

A few ways to start...

1) Simply pick a date that you like...SIMPLE! Actually it is good to pick 2 dates and prioritize your favorite one.

2) Pick a date that is not on any of your family members' birthday, CNY, July 14th, Ching Ming... (apply to Chinese who follows the Chinese tradition)! Look up the date if it is a good day (吉日) from Tung Shing (通勝) if necessary.

3) Ask your parents to pick a date for you!

to be continue...

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